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The Bike Palatine Club is a non-profit organization with a mission to make our community more bicycle-friendly.

HELLO 2022!!

Please join in congratulating our very own Ralph Banasiak on his 2022 Public Service Award by the Active Transportation Alliance as an outstanding transportation advocate for his service in the Bike Palatine Club and for his biweekly biking columns in the Daily Herald..
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We are underway with our twice weekly the casual rides.  This year
we are riding Tuesdays from Birchwood (as usual) and
Thursdays from the Palatine Library Main Campus (by the bike rack SE corner of the building)
BOTH locations depart promptly at 6:30PM.
pre-register for EACH RIDE here

You can help make your biking community better by volunteering with us.
See our Volunteer Page on how you can help.

  It's time to start scratching your head and plan your goals for 2022.  How far will I ride this year?  Where will I ride this year?  Will it all be local or will I go on far away adventures? Can I get together with all of my riding crew again?  Should I get a new bike? (can you even?)  All valid questions.  Here are some pointers for becoming ride ready in the coming months.

Get your bikes into your local bike shop for a tune up in the midst of the mad spring rush. They'll check the chain for wear (should be replaced every 1,500 miles or so).  The tires might need to be replaced.  They are hard to come by right now.  Do you have lights on your bike?  If not, buy some and use them EVERY TIME you ride. Be seen. Get some high viz clothing.  Be seen!  When was the last time you bought a new helmet? It should be replaced after EVERY accident and at least every 5 years. Protect that noggin..


The Smith Street crossing from Smith, crossing Dundee into the Deer Grove Forest Preserve is slated to become a reality this year.  More news can be found here in the coming months
Discounts for Club Members!
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Paul Douglas Mountain Bike Trail

Are you a mountain biker?  Then check out the news about the new trail being carved into Paul Douglas.

Paul Douglas CAMBR Trail

We're glad you dropped by. Plain and simple, the Bike Palatine Club's primary goal is to get more people on their bikes more often. We especially welcome those who haven't ridden in a number of years and wish to get back out on two wheels.

Our rides range from 8 mph to over 16 mph. Ride distances typically range from 5 to 30 miles. You will find riders at your experience level with similar interests. On all club rides we stick together, staying with anyone having physical or mechanical difficulties


Your $15 Annual Family Membership is valid for one year from your signing up and offers many benefits!

Club Member meetings are
held the FOURTH Thursday of every month at 7:00 PM
ONLINE at Zoom - e-mail info@bikepalatine for a link to join.



Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

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