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Below is a listing of local routes for everyone to use.   These are a compilation of rides that our leaders have done with the club or on our own that are family friendly.

Please note, to print these maps you will need a Strava account login.   What are the advantages to using Strava?  Strava is the sporting equivalent of Facebook (and you can cross link to Facebook as well).  It allows you to log all of your rides, walks, runs, kayak  sessions, ski runs, and swims and collect your statistics on a timely basis.  It is not intended to be a race as to who is best, merely a sporting location to share your joy of being in the great outdoors.  We have created a 'club' on Strava so all of your rides can be linked to Bike Palatine Club as a collective.  With a free Strava login you can create rides to share with your friends like we have here.

Here are some nice YouTube links
on the basics of using Strava.   Rider explaining his basics   Strava user guide video

Palatine southside 9.75 mile option MOTO Campus
Ride on the south side from Birchwood Park down the along Harper College Trail.  Head into College Hill and make your way to Hartung Road.  Head south on Old Plum Grove Road into the Motorola Campus.  Pickup the trail on the east side and go to Zurich Insurance and visit their 9/11 Memorial for 4 people that died in the attacks in NYC.  Head back the way you came to the Salt Creek Trail and make your way back to Birchwood Park.

Palatine southside 9.5 mile option 1
Leave from Town Square and head north to Colfax.  Take that to Lincoln.  Wander your way to the Palatine Trail.  Head to Winston, cross Palatine Road and turn into Salt Creek Park.  Follow that around to Rohlwing Road and head south.  Turn west on Industrial Road (Illinois).  Head back and get near Cedar to meander up to Town Square.

Palatine northside 9.6 mile with Arlington Heights option
Leave from Mikes Bike shop and ride through the northeast of town and then pass into Arlington Heights and Frontier Park.

Palatine Hills/Palatine Bike trail 9 mile ride
Park at Palatine hills and ride the trail north to Dundee Road.  Turn around and ride all the way to Maple Park on the east side of town.  Turn around and head back to Palatine Hills, all while riding the Palatine Trail.

Crank Revolution/Paul Douglas/Old Stover trails 13 mile
Park at Crank Revolution on Algonquin and Freeman Roads.  Cross the corner and ride west on the Paul Douglass/Hoffman Estates Park District trail west to Crabtree Nature Center.  Turn around and head back towards the shop.  Continue to the south where you got on the trail.   Follow around to Roselle and Algonquin corner by Harper College.  Head back westbound to the Crank parking lot.

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